A, An, The?

This seems very basic but it’s actually very important. Many people are still confused with when to use the articles a, an, the (pronounced as /thuh/) and the (pronounced as /thee/).



A vs AN (Indefinite articles)

A” is used for consonant sound.

An” is used for vowel sound.

Take note: The use of “a” and “an” depends on the sound of the first letter after it NOT the letter itself. Let’s have some examples to get things clearer.



  • a horse (horse starts with /h/ sound)
  • a piano (piano starts with /p/ sound)
  • a cat (cat starts with /c/ sound)
  • an apple (apple starts with /a/ sound)
  • an umbrella (umbrella starts with /a/ sound)
  • an eagle (eagle starts with /i/ sound)
  • an hour (hour starts with /a/ sound)
  • an honor (honor starts with /o/ sound)
  • an MBA (MBA starts with /e/ sound)
  • a utopian idea (utopia starts with /y/ sound)
  • a one-track mind (one starts with /w/ sound)
  • a euphoria (euphoria starts with /y/ sound)

I think this makes things clear for “a” and “an”.

NOTE: Some words are pronounced differently in American and British English. For example, herb is pronounced as /erb/ in American English but /herb/ in British English. Don’t worry too much. Just remember to use “a/an” depending on the sound of the first letter of the word next to them. In this case, an herb (American English) and a herb (British English).



THE /thuh/ vs THE /thee/ (Definite Article)

The /thuh/” is used for consonant sound.

The /thee/” is used for vowel sound. You can also use this sound when you are emphasizing.

NOTE: This is just a general rule. But it is NOT STRICT. So, it’s okay whichever you use in some situations.




This is the trickiest part of this discussion. When should we use “the umbrella” and “an umbrella”?

Indefinite articles [a/an] are used when you are saying something in general.

Definite article [the] is used when you are talking about a specific subject.
Here are some examples to help us better understand the difference between “an/an” and “the”.

  • I want an umbrella. (any umbrella)
  • I want the umbrella. (specific umbrella)
  • I saw a star last night. (there are many stars in the universe but I just saw one)
  • I saw the Polaris (north star) last night. (I saw the north star specifically)
  • Joshua ate an omelet for breakfast. (any kind of omelet cooked by anyone)
  • Joshua ate the omelet his mother cooked for breakfast. (omelet specifically cooked by Joshua’s mother)

The story below might also help you:

A man and a woman went to a zoo for a date. The zoo that they went to was the biggest zoo in town. They saw a lot of animals. The animal that they first saw is an eagle. The eagle seemed very strong but it couldn’t fly freely because of the cage.  They wandered around the zoo for an hour. The date was fun.


Indefinite articles are also used for countable nouns (bottle, box, table, etc.)

Definite articles are used for non-countable nouns (water,  liquids, etc).


  • I drank a bottle of milk yesterday.
  • The water I drank was very cold and refreshing.



Okay. That’s it! I hope this post helps.

Note: Practice is very important. It will help you grasp and master the concepts easily. ^-^


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