Teacher’s Note

This one is from my teacher in English 10 (Business English) class. I’m sharing it because it has helped me a lot and I hope this helps you too in learning and being confident in speaking the language.

By: Prof. Teresita M. Isidro

1.   Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Even native speakers of English make mistakes. Get rid of your colonial-mindedness. Be  kind to yourself. ^^

2.   Take risks in the conversational ballgame in English. Silence means no practice. No practice means no fluency.

3.   Invest in your mind. Buy worthwhile books, magazines and cds.

4.   Watch the following regularly: inspirational and interesting American films, TV shows such as CNN news, comedy or drama series, talk shows and documentaries like National Geographic.

5.   Listen to the following: English songs, conversations or dialogues, as well as literary classics on audio files (audio books).

6.   Read aloud everyday for not less than 30 minutes. You can start with editorial essays from broadsheets or a book that you like.

7.   Sing songs in English. Make sure that your pronunciation is correct.^^

8.   Memorize poems, songs, quotable quotes from literature of speeches, and tongue twisters. Recite them regularly while you’re doing something else. This way, you are shooting two birds with one stone.

9.   Talk to yourself in English. [It’s crazy but it works!]

10.  Have a circle of friends, a care group of English enthusiasts, with whom you’d agree to converse in English and with whom you can get constructive criticism that would help you improve your ability.

11.  Have a journal or diary, and at the end of the day, before you sleep, write about significant experiences for that day.

12.  Practice. Practice. Practice. 

“Constant practice leads to near-native competence.”

“The road to success in any undertaking is littered with frustrations, obstacles and ego-shattering moments. Only the determined and highly motivated will succeed. “


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