Words That Might Confuse You

Here are some words that are a little bit confusing and usually being mixed up. Hope this helps those who need it.


Disinterested vs Uninterested

Disinterested – to not be biased (over something)

Uninterested – to have no interest


  • She was totally uninterested with the movie.
  • She judged in a disinterested manner.


It’s vs Its

It’s – short form (contraction) of ‘It is’

Its – possessive, belonging to it


  • It’s time to go home.
  • Its wings are amazing!


Me vs Myself vs I

Me– used only as an object

I– used only as a subject

Myself – reflexive object (object pronoun used when the subject is ‘I’)


  • Sarah and I went shopping.
  • The gifts are for Jane and me.
  • I went shopping by myself.
  • I hurt myself.


Sight vs Site vs Cite

Sight – anything that is seen

Site – a place/ location

Cite – to list (used mainly for examples or sources)


  • I went for a sight seeing in Paris.
  • Did you visit the new site for the field work?
  • Please cite some examples.
  • You need to cite the sources you used for the research.


There vs Their vs They’re vs There’re

There – pertaining to a place/location away from you

Their – belonging to them

They’re – contraction for ‘they are’

There’re – contraction for ‘there are’


  • There’re 10 members of the committee and they’re going to go there for their meeting.


Affect vs Effect

Affect (verb) – to influence, to make a change

Effect (noun) – result


  • The effects of the typhoon affected their living.



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