Is Grammar Important? How Can You Master It?


Grammar is one aspect of English that’s very debatable. Some people believe that it is not necessary to focus on grammar to be able to speak English fluently. Others believe that grammar is the key to be fluent in the language. Some people are very interested in doing grammar exercises and studying patterns. Others hate studying it because they think it’s boring. How about you? What’s your side?


Importance of Studying Grammar


I am one of the people who think that grammar is quite boring. However, whether you like it or not, it should be learned. Grammar is a set of laws to make the language more organized. Let’s look at this analogy. A society needs rules and regulations in order to ensure safety and peace in the area. If the people do not have rules, a lot of bad things can happen. There could be riots everywhere. The world will be disorganized. It’s the same with English. If there are no rules, people might not understand each other. That will defeat the purpose of having a universal language.


There are many ways on how you can learn the rules. Most people will tell you that you have to read the rules and apply them. However, the best way you can learn them by heart is to live by them. From time to time, you will make mistakes and you may break the rules unintentionally. But that’s okay. That’s part of it. As a child, nobody taught you how to talk but you learned it your way.


Is grammar important? It definitely is! Grammar mistakes may lead to misunderstanding. Take a look at the following examples.


  • Let’s eat Grandma!
  • Let’s eat, Grandma!


See the difference?



What’s The Best Way To Study Grammar


There are a lot of ways. Some might work for you. Some might not suit your learning style. Nevertheless, here are some of the methods that you can try.


Be conscious of your grammar. Be aware of the different grammar rules especially the similarities and differences between your mother tongue and the language you are learning. If you are aware of these comparisons, it will be easier for you to learn the grammar rules.


Read a lot. You may have already been told about this a lot of times but that’s because it’s really effective. When you read a lot of English, you will notice a lot of grammar rules and sentence patterns. Over time, you will realizations on how the patterns/rules you have learned are used. “That’s how it’s done in English! I understand now.”


Practice a lot. There are many ways on how you can practice. You can answer different exercises on the internet or printed materials. You may also practice by constructing your own sentences with the rules you are learning. You can create a daily journal or create a blog. The more you practice the rules, the faster you become accustomed to them.


Do not be afraid to make mistakes. One of the things that hinder people from learning fast and effectively is the fear of making mistakes and being judged. You have to understand that making mistakes is part of learning. You fell a lot of times before you learned how to ride the bicycle. You stumbled several times before you learned how to skate. It’s not bad to commit mistakes as long as you learn something from them.


Learn the irregular verbs by heart. Yes, irregular verbs are very important because there are no specific rules on how to construct the past tense and the past participle. You just have to memorize them. Use them often and you will remember them better.

parts of speech

Learn the parts of speech. Know if a word is an adjective or a verb. This helps a lot in making correct sentences. Learn the usage of each words. Learn when to use them.


These are just some of the ways on how you can study grammar. But never limit yourself with these suggestions. If you can find better ways on how you can learn faster, do that. People have different ways of studying anyway.


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