About Me

I know this post is kinda late but let me introduce myself a little.


My name is Mamonjapao. Obviously, it’s not my real name.

My real name is Monica. However, “Monica” is a very common name in my country. When I was in the university, I had 3 classmates with the same name. At present, I have 4 friends with the name Monica. Instead of calling us “Monica 1,” “Monica 2” and so on, our friends just gave us nicknames.

Right now, most of my friends call me “Mon.” Why? It’s because I love both Pokemon and Doraemon (and Mojacko, a very old anime series which had a character named Mamonja).


What about mamonjapao? Let’s see. “Mamonja” is one of my favorite characters in Mojacko. “Pao” came from a Chinese food, steamed bun, popularly known in the Philippines as “Siopao.” Some of my high school friends used to call me “Pao” because my face is round and white (like a steamed bun. LOL). When I was thinking of a unique internet name, these two terms came to mind and (poof!) it became Mamonjapao.


I know! I didn’t actually introduce myself. I just explained where I got my internet name. XD


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