FFT: Silver Lining

Every cloud has a silver lining.
– English Proverb

Who doesn’t have a problem? All of us have at least one in our lifetime. What you need to keep in mind is that every problem has a solution. Every cloud has a silver lining. Every after a storm, the sun shines again and there’s even a rainbow sometimes. You will never get to the heart of the problem and solve it if you are always running away. In most cases, you have to face it head on.

Some people view problems as challenges. Challenges in our lives appear from time to time to make us strong and matured. A diamond does not become a diamond without pressure. An oyster cannot produce a pearl without injuring itself. Plants grow better after they are pruned.

Be optimistic! Everything that is happening in your life right now has a reason. In every bad situation, something good can come up. You just have to try and see the positive side of things. Don’t worry when you face challenges. Everybody faces one so you are not alone.

“Be still, sad heart! and cease repining; 
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining; 
Thy fate is the common fate of all, 
Into each life some rain must fall, 
    Some days must be dark and dreary.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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