Teach Your Kids English TODAY

teaching english to children

If you want your children to learn the English language, you need to teach them as early as possible. Kids have an advantage because they pick up things much faster than adults. They can learn pronunciation and accent better. You need to teach them English in a fun way. Do not force them rather show them how enjoyable it is to learn the language. Let them appreciate it and have fun with it. Below are some tips on how you can teach English to your little ones.


Create a good learning environment. This means that you need to immerse your children in the language. Talk to them in English. Let them watch kiddie shows in English. Buy them educational English videos on DVDs. The more they hear the language, the easier they pick it up. The more immersed they are, the faster they learn.


Use songs. Songs are a great tool in teaching English not only to kids but also to adults. It is recommended for kids because songs are fun and the children will not get easily bored with them. Through English songs and nursery rhymes, your kids will learn vocabulary words, rhythms, rhymes, sentence patters and so on. You can use songs about alphabets. You can use songs about numbers. You can also use songs about the days of the week or months of the year. There are a lot of materials online. You just have to look around.


Use gestures. Children love physical activities. They are too energetic that they want to move, jump and run around. Use this energy to teach them English. For instance, you can teach them action words while doing the actual gesture/action. When you teach them the word “jump,” ask them to jump.

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Make it interactive. Children have a short attention span. They easily get bored. They easily get distracted. Therefore, you need to make sure the games and activities are interactive – something that they can play with enthusiasm. It is better if you can get them play with other children. Some of the activities you can do include matching games, story telling and pictionary.

Your aim is not to make your children study English. That will come around in time. The real deal here is how to make them appreciate English. Your goal is to make them interested in the language and enjoy it. Once they learn to love English, you will not have a problem in making them study it later on.


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