Noun: Count and Non-count

Count Nouns 

Count nouns are nouns that you can count. They can be singular or plural.


  • book, apple, computer, pen, glass, table, window, house… anything you can count! 
  • The books are piled on the table.
  • I love collecting pens and notebooks.
  • She always buys apples every week.

Non-count Nouns

Non-count nouns are nouns that cannot be counted, nouns that are impossible to count or nouns that are not usually being counted. They do not have a plural form.


  • water, sand, sugar, furniture, air, meat and so on
  • People need oxygen to live.
  • Water is good for the body.
  • I like coffee with sugar and cream.

You can make non-count nouns countable by putting counters before them.


  • a glass of, a spoon of, a box of, a kilo of and so on
  • It is advisable to drink eight glasses of water everyday to keep the body healthy.
  • She usually puts two teaspoons of sugar in her coffee.
  • I buy a box of milk everyday.
  • Mom needs to cook a kilo of meat for supper.

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