Noun: Possessive

Possessive Nouns

Possessive nouns are nouns that show ownership or possession. A belongs to B.


  • A belongs to B = B‘s A
  • Anna’s baggage is missing.
  • Mrs. Tuazon’s children are very bright.
  • I love Andy’s new car.


There are certain RULES you need to follow when forming and using possessive nouns.

1. For singular nouns, add apostrophe (‘) and “s”

  • Cathy’s cat
  • Anna’s book
  • Building’s parking lot

2. For singular nouns ending in “s” sound, add apostrophe (‘)

  • Texas’ population
  • Mr. Santos’ bag
  • Los Angeles’ streets

3. For plural nouns ending in “s,” add apostrophe (‘)

  • cats’ fur
  • patients’ records
  • lights’ color

4. For irregular plural nouns, add apostrophe (‘) and “s”

  • men’s clothing
  • children’s book
  • people’s rights

5. For hyphenated and compound nouns, put the apostrophe (‘) at the end of the last letter

  • mother-in-law’s bag
  • post office’s employees
  • department head’s task

6. When two or more nouns are joined, put apostrophe (and “s”) at the last joined noun

  • Anna, Josh and Michael’s birthdays
  • Jack and Jill’s pail of water
  • Hansel and Gretel’s story

7. When two or more nouns are joined BUT the ownership is separate, put apostrophe (‘) at the end of each noun

  • Jack’s and Jill’s bags are red and pink
  • Anna’s and Jenny’s sections are A and B






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